I think my first website appeared in 1998. In the succeeding years, I wrote several websites (private and commercial ones) in PHP. My private website was at some point created by the Apache Forrest framework, which generates static HTML output. However, in 2011 or so Apache Forrest was discontinued and I switched to Blogspot.com. After having my website hosted at Blogspot services (now owned by Google) for approximately ten years, I finally decided that I wanted to get rid of their cookies and third-party scripts. For this reason, I now re-built my website with Jekyll after noting that my students used it for years – indeed, I am glad to learn from my students. Jekyll provides essentially the same functionality like Apache Forrest, but better.

Some Notes

My talks and publications are now generated from bibtex and I use pandoc to generate markdown content for the bibtex entries:

pandoc -t markdown_strict --filter=pandoc-citeproc --csl=$(CSLSTYLE) --standalone pubcfg.md -o _includes/pub_inc_books.md

The $CSLSTYLE bib style file is partially my own: it is a modified version of the Springer bibliography style file and is tailored to fit into my CV and my website.

I then include these bibtex files the easy way using jekyll:

 { % include pub_inc_books.md % }

Similarly, I extract my list of talks from a TeX file.