Some personal news: after passing the last defense talk at the Dep. of Mathematics & Computer Science at the University of Hagen in November, I now received the permission to read (venia legendi). This allows (but also requires) me to teach 2hrs/semester (for free!). I wanted to do this because it enables me to share insights from my favorite research domain(s) with more students. Also, this status allows me to advise my own Ph.D. students (as their primary advisor – I already advise Ph.D. students as a secondary advisor since a couple of years).

I advised bachelor’s and master’s theses at the University of Hagen since I started my own Ph.D. in 2009 or 2010 (completed in 2013), so giving my own lectures is essentially the next step. My status will be a so-called Lehrbefugter, which is different to a Lehrbeauftragter.

Starting in winter term 2021/22, I will offer a class on Network Steganography (covering all sorts of network covert channels and defense mechanisms), based on my online class (but it will be extended with more content and exercises etc.).